We would not love to boast about ourselves as a successful trekking agency in Nepal but as a trekking agency who has created memorable holidays for our guests. Here are few reason why you should travel with us:

Trip Success

We have alway stood by our commitment and have made sure our guests are happy and satisfied by the end of the trip. We do not commit to many things but the things that we commit to we make sure we make it happen. It has been 4 years of operation and we have lead over 100 trekking trips by now and over 80% of the trips had been a success.

Insurance and Rescue

Although we make sure that all our clients are insured and all our team members are Insured. Despite all and despite the reputation of trekking agencies in Nepal for rescuing people, we have not rescued even single of our guests in these 3 years. We have been known for taking close care of our guests which helps us ensure safety and avoids in any mishaps – specially altitude sickness.

Budget Travel

We are vendors of one of the lowest available package trips in the Nepalese trekking market. We make any holiday packages easily available price at lowest possible costs. However, we may be one of the budget travel agents in the country but we in no any means provide cheap service and flimsy logistics. We cut costs by avoiding by using budget accommodations and budget travel service. On the other hand, we do as well cater luxury trekking and tour packages. This is one prime reasons our group size is above 4 and less than 10.

Private Groups

Our company is all about our guests and their satisfaction is our achievement. To live it up to our vision we usually keep out trekking or tours limited to a small size. As soon as the number of people surpasses 10 we immediately make a new group. Travelling in a small group size has its own advantage. We can offer our guests personal care, become very familiar and also help them physically and mentally to successfully complete the trek. No one is left behind or no one is missed out on minutest details of the trip.


We have nobody in our team who is less experienced in the field of tourism. Except for few in office staffs everyone has been serving in the field of tourism for over 5 years in minimum. Our motto is to help our guests make the best of our experience. One gets fine with age and experience and that is what we have become. We have found new ways to entertain our guests while maintaining the safety protocols as well. We will handle all your problems as well as excitement with the experience we have earned over the years.