The sole purpose of initiating Budget trek is help you walk up those himalayas with a guide and company who would take care of you when you are away from your home. Not only trek but we as well organize tours throughout the country in the price you can never imagine. We also want to make sure of you not having to cut on your travel plans because of one trek that you opted for. We make your dream of travelling with a guide who would explain you tiny details of trek very attainable Finally there are no hidden agendas or cost to our price. You pay exactly as seen on our website or 100% money back guarantee.

Meet Our Team

Binita Manandhar

Binita Joined the team much later in 2014. She was born and brought up in Kathmandu and belongs to the culturally rich Newari community. Having completed her studies in Rural Development, she now is a part of core team of Budget trekking.

Binita Manandhar CEO
Ranjit Balami

I am Ranjit Balami and I come from one of the highly sought local tourist destination of Chitlang. Started at the very ground level in one of the hotels in Kathmandu, now I have stepped up to become a tourism entrepreneur. I have been a hotelier and in the tourism sector for more that 10 years. At budget trekking, I devote my time as a travel manager and my job is to manage vehicle services for our clients as per their requirements. I love making new friends and travelling to new destinations. I welcome you to experience the tours managed by me and my team.

Ranjit Balami Travel Manager
Ritendra Nepali

Ritendra is one of the latest addition to our team. Ritendra has shown positiveness and completed his education in the field of social work very recently and is awaiting results. Ritendra is a very hardworking and a very nicely molding young team member who helps Binita in keeping all financial records of everyday activities. Ritendra as well fills in as a front desk officer whenever necessary.

Ritendra Nepali Accounting Assistant
Pratik Bhattarai

Pratik Bhattarai, born in Kathmandu is a student of Informational technology and is currently studying in Islington college and studying Networking. Pratik is one of the latest addition to our team and he assists sameer with maintaining and promotion of company websites and products.

Pratik Bhattarai IT Assistant
Arati Ghimire

Arati is our didi and she is one super maid and helps us in cleaning and maintaining the office. Arati comes from a village in the flat plains of Nepal and some 200 kilometers away. She is a very hardworking maid and keeps us energized to stay focused on our work.

Arati Ghimire Office Helper
Barshu Rai

Barshu comes from Solukhumbu region, the home of the mountains. He belongs to the indigenous community of Rai people. Barshu started his career as a lab technician but soon due to lack of enjoyment, he became a driver. Barshu has been with the company from 2017.

Barshu Rai Driver

Jack is a miniature pinscher and came to our team in the year of 2015. Jack was then 3 years old and was abused by 3 of the previous owners he had been with. Jack was not trained when we had him but now he is trained, timely vaccinated and one of the most adorable dogs. Jack is a small breed and is around 20 centimeters tall and only 10 kgs.

Jack The Dog
Dawa Lama

Dawa comes from Sindhupalchowk, and belongs to one of the indigenous communities of Tamang people. Dawa having seen tourists in the Langtang region at a very early age was triggered to join the hospitality industry at a very young age. Dawa made it to the trekking field as a porter and later after several years of experience was promoted as a guide. Dawa lost his right arm to a house fire but strong and determined by will, dawa still is serving as a guide. He still draws a lot of good reviews for being passionate in what he does.

Dawa Lama Trekking Leaders
Deu Kumar Bishokarma

Dev alike Govinda also hails from the Solukhumbu districts and is a lovely personality. Smiley and soft spoken by nature, Dev comes from surviving a difficult past. Despite what had happened in the past, Dev serves his clients with whole heart and dedication. Dev is a very mindful guide and even in short time and lack of resources, he manages to make the best of every situation. Dev has been a very valuable addition to our team and a well sought guide.

Deu Kumar Bishokarma Trekking Leader
Dipesh  Baniya

I had started to work in trekking field in Nepal from 2009. It has been about 9 years since I am in this field and till this day I have done several treks. Some major treks include treks in the Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Manaslu. I began my work in tourism as a front desk officer in one of the hotels namely Hotel Amarillys. I worked in the same position for two and half years before becoming a licensed guide in Nepal.

I am fit trekking guide and I am former football player. I played as a goalee. I play football, basketball and also enjoy swimming every now and then when I have opportunity. I am a very frank person and open minded as well. My first and foremost objective is to serve clients from all over the world regardless of country, race and religion. Furthermore, as a trekking guide, my first and foremost priority is client satisfaction. On the other hand, I follow rules on the mountains strictly which I also make my clients follow for their own safety.

Dipesh Baniya Trekking Leader