Culturally accepted behavior in the mountains

by Shaurab Lohani | Jul 22, 2018
Culturally accepted behavior in the mountains

You are a guest in Nepal and it is well appreciated by people if you adapt to the culture and respect in return.

  • Dress decently (no revealing clothes)
  • Do not show affection in public (no kissing or smooching specially)
  • Do not point your feet at people
  • Do not buy antiques from the trails
  • Do not step over a person
  • Do not be reluctant with red powder (Tika) or traditional way of welcoming
  • Do not use left hand for eating or shaking or waving off
  • Receive and give with 2 hands
  • Ask before you take people’s pictures
  • Do not offer chocolates, pen or gifts to local people and kids (promotes negative information)
  • Take off your shoes before entering monasteries, temples or even people’s houses
  • Go clockwise round stupas
  • Do not eat, smoke or be loud at religious site and also do not litter
  • Women are advised not to touch or hug Lamas/monks and men are advised the same in case of nuns

Save Environment

  • Do not toss what you use, like papers, wrappers, batteries and bottles.
  • Try finding accommodation which use solar to heat water and kerosene and LPG to cook rather than accommodation which use timber.
  • If in group order food at once, as it saves time and fuel
  • Wear warm clothes rather than heating the room
  • Do not defecate near water sources
  • Do not throw even biodegradable waste after 4000 meters
  • Do not disturb wildlife by being loud or by doing act which disturbs their natural habitat
  • Do not promote wildlife trafficking ( you will face legal actions)
  • Do not promote plastic bags, even if it is free

Things to take along

  • Copy of your passport and insurance
  • Some emergency cash
  • Iodine tablets, water bottle, sunscreen, long sleeve shirt, hat, sunglasses, lip balm, insect repellent
  • Warm clothes, thermal underwears, gloves, trekking boots, trekking pole



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